Canadian 370w Solar Panels

Canadian 370w Solar Panels (New 25 Year Product Warranty)

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So, if you haven’t heard already Canadian solar panels have increased their panel warranty from 12 years all the way up to 25 years…

This is the product warranty, meaning if the panel breaks or gets damaged over the 25 years you will be entitled to a full replacement or refund.

It’s pretty surprising that they have made this bold jump up to 25 years on a p-type panel however it shows the director of the industry. We’re moving towards high quality and more affordable solar every day.

For a lot of homeowners, this is a fantastic opportunity to get an affordable solar panel system with a long-lasting warranty.

However, sometimes it’s not quite as easy as that… If it was, then every panel manufacturer would be doing it right?

So, let’s take a jump into this Canadian 370w panel and see what it’s all about and if it can live up to this new 25-year product warranty.

If you’re ready to start getting a solar proposal that includes this panel, don’t hesitate to get in touch with my solar engineers who will design you a system based on your budget, requirements and roof.

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Canadian solar has upgraded the warranty of their 370w panel to 25 years
Yes, that’s right. Canadian Solar has upped their panel product warranty from 12 years, all the way to 25 years.

What’s really interesting is that they haven’t actually brought out a new panel module to come with this massive warranty jump. No, instead they’ve just increased the product warranty on their normal 370w HiKu solar panel.

If you have done your research you will know that this HiKu product is a popular panel with Australians. However, please do remember this is a p-type panel, not an n-type. If you’re unsure of what this means, you can read my guide on the different types of panels here.