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Who Are We?

Grace Solar is a independent solar installation company responsible for helping thousands of Indian’s with a ‘stress-free’ move to solar energy. We are operating in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu with the aim to be one of the best chosen company by 2022. 

Why Choose Us?

With over 25 Years of experence and more that  150+ five star reviews on Google and Facebook it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands. It’s our aim to provide Indian Home owners with high quality solar panel installation. Owned by electrical engineers, you can be sure your work will be completed above industry standards.

What Do We Do?

We help homeowners move to a cheaper, greener future by installing solar panels at your home. We specialize in solar panel installation, solar battery installation, commercial solar systems and because we are enlisted as a vendor for claiming solar rebates through us.

We've Helped Over 2,300 Andhraites With

A 'Stress-Free' Move To Solar...

Residential Solar in Andhra Pradesh

Ready to start slashing your energy bills for your home? Take a look at how we can help you move to a cheaper, greener future.

Group of persons/societies will also be eligible for setting up Solar Rooftop Projects (SRP) with SPV Technology for sale of electricity to DISCOM/Captive use or for self-consumption.

1. In Andhra Pradesh with feed-in tariff (FIT) schemes, a home owner can make profit by installing a grid-tie rooftop solar system and exporting the excess generated PV electricity to the grid.
2. Reduce your electricity bill avail the net-metering scheme in your region .

Commercial Solar in Andhra Pradesh

Time to take back control of your business costs. Look into a specialist designed commercial solar system for your business.

Eligible Developers are free to choose either Net or Gross metering option for  sale of power to Discom. Applicable tariff shall be equal to the Average Pooled Power Purchase Cost as determined by APERC for the year during which the project is synchronized with the grid and the applicable tariff at the time of CoD will be paid for 25 years, for the projects executed under both Net metering and Gross metering basis.

Solar Policy in Andhra Pradesh

All registered companies, Government entities, partnership companies/ firms/ individuals and
all consumers of AP Discom(s) will be eligible for setting up of Solar Rooftop Projects (SRP) for
sale of electricity to Discom/captive use or for self-consumption, in accordance with the
Electricity Act-2003, as amended from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much time will it take to give permission?

Ans:- Permission will be issued normally within 15 days from the date of submission of
completed application, provided there is feasibility for connectivity.

Solar Panel Brands We Install In Andhra Pradesh.

Canadian Solar Panels

Really popular in Andhra Pradesh, these solar panels are excellent for value. They can offer you a fast return on investment and come with long lasting warranties as well. 

Renewsys India

Renewsys solar panels were our top selling solar panels last year. They provide for everyone in terms of price, performance and warranties. Great all-rounder! 

LG Solar Panels

One of our most popular solar panel brands. LG offer some of the best warranties in the industry as well as high performing solar panels.

Specialist Designed Solar Systems.

Our Promise To Andhra Pradesh Home Owners...

Local FRONIUS Trained Installers

Be assured that on every job we use FRONIUS Trained solar installers to carry out your solar panel installation. This ensures they are qualified, and going above the industry standards. 

High-End, Tier 1 Solar Panel Products

Our team work with tier 1 solar panel products to provide you with the best quality and the safest products. These have gone through tests to ensure they are up to standards. 

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