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To deal with frequent power outages, rooftops of small houses are best suit ed for the installation of small solar power packs in the free space available. The typical electrical load in domestic use is for lights, fans, televisions, refrigerators, computers, etc. A small solar power plant of 1 KW is adequate to drive a load of approximately 300 watts for four hours with a small battery bank, depending on solar insolation in the area. The solar energy is directly converted to electrical energy by solar modules. This can be used immediately to drive the loads or stored in batteries for usage at the time of power outages. Standalone systems can also be used in rural areas where the grid is not available. The system can charge the batteries during day and provide electricity to drive lighting load at night. The solar system does not require maintenance; regular cleaning of modules can keep the system up and running.


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We work hard to make sure every customer has a great experience. Read below for more about our service and the huge savings homeowners are enjoying with solar. During your Free Solar Analysis we'll even let you select any of our customers to contact directly."

A better world begins with yourself. As a free and easy Engineer Duo a few years ago we had the unique opportunity to play a leading part in an ambitious project relating to solar energy. That came apart at the seams and resulted in the setting up of GRACE SOLAR.

Mallavarapu Arougya Raju

We need to bring sustainable energy to every corner of the globe with technologies like solar energy mini-grids, solar powered lights, and wind turbines.Solar power is clean, renewable and cost effective, but it also needs time to develop.

Ban Ki-moon October 12, 2014

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